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Medical Weight Loss for Older Adults

Maintaining a healthy weight becomes more difficult as we age. A growing concern for older adults is obesity, a disease marked by having too much body fat. Luckily, medical weight loss programs comprehensively approach this problem and offer individualized solutions for older people.

Medical weight loss is a structured, healthcare-based approach to achieving sustainable weight loss. It combines evidence-based dietary, exercise, and lifestyle interventions, often with the addition of weight loss medications, to help individuals reach and maintain a healthy weight. This method works well for older people who have mental or physical issues that make it hard for them to control their weight.

Losing weight is essential for older people, but they may have problems. This blog post will discuss those problems and provide plans to help them reach their health and fitness goals effectively.

Understanding Obesity in Older Adults

Concerns about obesity are growing among older adults. Studies show that the number of obese older adults has been slowly rising over the last few decades. The CDC says that about 41.5% of people aged 60 and up are overweight or obese.

Health Risks Associated with Obesity

Being overweight can be very problematic for elderly individuals since it makes them more prone to have several health issues, including:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Hypertension
  • Certain types of cancer
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Respiratory problems
  • Cognitive decline and dementia

Being overweight may render it challenging for older people to stay independent and do everyday things. Being overweight can also make health problems worse.

Unique Challenges in Weight Loss for Older Adults

Some problems that older people have when they try to lose weight make the process more complicated than it would be for younger people. These challenges include:

  • Slower Metabolism: As we age, our metabolism naturally slows down, making it more difficult to burn calories and lose weight.
  • Reversing Bad Eating Habits: It can be challenging for older people to change bad eating habits they’ve had for a long time.
  • Lack of Motivation: Some older people don’t want to lose weight or think they can’t because they need to change their lives.
  • Difficulty Exercising: If someone over 65 has joint pain or trouble moving, they may struggle to exercise.
  • Tired of Cooking: Older people often eat unhealthy, ready-made foods because they need more time to plan and cook meals.

A comprehensive and specialized weight loss plan is required to tackle these challenges. That is why medical weight loss programs can be beneficial for older people.

Medical Weight Loss Program for Older Adults at PHNJ

The PHNJ medical weight loss program can help people over 65 lose weight safely and permanently. The program typically includes the following key components:

1. Customized Plans for Your Needs

The medical weight loss program at PHNJ starts with a full review of your medical history, present health, and weight-related goals. It is because we know that each person is different. You and our healthcare team will work together to make a personalized plan with attainable weight loss goals.

We will ensure your exercise and diet plans are unique and fit your wants, tastes, and physical abilities. It will ensure that your weight-loss journey runs smoothly and successfully.

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2. Doctor-Supervised Weight Loss Medication

After a poor diet and lack of exercise, your doctor may prescribe semaglutide, an FDA-approved weight loss medicine or GLP-1 Agonists. These drugs can help you lose weight faster and more effectively, and we closely monitor their safety and usefulness for your health. As part of your unique treatment plan, our team will help you determine how to use these medicines best.

3. Guided Treatment Start In-Office

If you choose PHNJ’s medical weight loss program, your weight loss journey starts with an initial consultation. At this session, experts cooperate to develop a complete therapeutic approach. Begin your weight-loss strategy at our clinic or medical office.

Our healthcare team will be with you throughout your weight loss journey. We will continually adjust your plan to ensure your continued progress and success.

4. Convenient At-Home Treatment Continuity

Our technique includes remote monitoring and is intended to render the procedure for losing weight as simple as possible. It means you can monitor your progress from the warmth of their home. You will be given personalized exercise and food plans at home to keep you on track between in-person visits.

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5. Regular In-Person Progress Check-Ins

At PHNJ, regular monitoring and assessment are crucial to your success. We will monitor your health, weight, and treatment plan modifications. Keep coming in for your visits. We promise to listen to what you want and make changes as needed to make sure you keep getting what you want.

6. Caring Support Team by Your Side

Experts at PHNJ will work together to help people lose weight healthily. The combination of disciplines allows us to tackle both psychological and physical weight reduction. Our team will support and motivate you to overcome obstacles and attain your health and fitness objectives.

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Medical Weight Loss for Older Adults.

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The Final Words

Being overweight in older adults can harm their mental and physical health; therefore, losing fat is crucial. Medical weight reduction programs are comprehensive and personalized to help older adults lose weight and enhance their health.

These programs help older people deal with problems like slower metabolism, breaking bad habits, and physical limitations. They provide:

  • Tailored strategies.
  • Doctor-directed weight reduction medicines.
  • Supervised treatment.
  • Ongoing support from a compassionate healthcare team.

Proper weight loss can help seniors stay healthy, avoid health issues, and enjoy life more. If you or someone you care about is overweight, consider a medical weight loss program designed for older people.

Contact PHNJ to learn more about our medical weight loss program for older adults and how we may help you attain your health goals.

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