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When it comes to weight loss the most important and prime thing to consider is the patient’s perspective. Doctors strain from listening to what the patient has to say regarding their diets and their association with their gaining weight.

Once all the important information is documented and taken into account, Our weight loss specialist will assist with all that is required to provide you with the right weight loss management. 

In collaboration with our patients, we at Prime health of New Jersey try to work in harmony to provide the best and most smooth weight loss journey. We understand that losing weight is not an easy task and the right guidance is required. Once you have set your goals to lose weight, we are here to assist you with personalized plans.

Medical Weight Loss Programs

There are many reasons people struggle to lose weight on their own. Perhaps you’re struggling with your current eating habits or exercise isn’t helping as much as it used to. It’s possible that obesity, a hormone imbalance or age-related health issues are making weight loss more difficult.

Maintaining a healthy weight is not only important for your overall health and quality of life, but also for your loved ones who care and depend on you. Healthy weight loss is achievable with the right information, support and medical guidance.

Prime Health offers resources to help you get to and maintain your ideal weight. Our medical weight loss experts will assess the underlying cause of your weight gain and design a customized medically supervised weight loss plan to help you lose weight and keep it off for good!

What is medically aided weight loss?

A medical weight loss is a program that is specially designed for individuals who are unable to lose weight through exercises, diet plans, or any other means we provide medical interventions such as surgical treatments like bariatric surgery, liposuction, and other diverse treatments for optimum weight loss that lies within the BMI of the patient.

We ensure that all the treatments provided in our place are FDA-approved and have shown exuberant results to those who had failed to lose weight by all means. The secret to our long-term success is the professionals working in our weight loss management department who are very well trained and have astounding knowledge related to the Physiology and anatomy of the patient.

The reason why medically aided weight loss is important is that having excessive weight or being obese can be quite a risk for your health. The deposition of fat and serum triglycerides  into the arteries can give rise to life-threatening diseases such as heart attack, coronary artery disease, and raised levels of cholesterol and blood glucose.

Medical Weight Loss
Medical Weight Loss
Weight Loss Management

Why choose us for your weight loss program?

Choose our practice for your weight loss program because we run a series and sequence of procedures to carry out any treatment related to weight reduction. . Our weight reduction programs are customized based on the patient’s overall physical appearance, lifestyle, age, and muscular activity.

Considering the patients’ goals, we prescribe and recommend the ideal treatment of choice: weight loss medications, fat melting injections, or any other figured modality that best suits the candidate’s well-being and future prognosis.

We help you eliminate of the unhealthy munching and overcome uninvited cravings responsible for loading up extra pounds in your body.

Weight Loss Management

If you’ve tried to lose weight through dieting and exercise unsuccessfully or the results did not last, you might be an ideal candidate for the Prime Health of New Jersey Medical Weight Loss Program. Ideal Medical Weight Loss Program candidates have the following:

Underlying Medical Conditions

You might encounter weight loss challenges due to a genetic or medical condition that makes managing your body weight difficult. It takes a specialist to identify any underlying conditions that are causing you to be overweight. If you are diagnosed with an underlying condition such as a hormone imbalance, diabetes or low thyroid it might help you to lose weight.

Limited Physical Ability and Nutrition

If you have a medical condition that limits your physical activity or makes following a diet difficult, you may need specialized weight loss program and workout plan. Our medical weight loss specialists provide you with exercise and diet plans that meet your specific needs. We supervise your progress to help you avoid injury and adjust your diet plan along the way.

Behavioral or Emotional Challenges

Lack of willpower to stick to a healthy lifestyle could be due to an unhealthy relationship with food, depression, stress, anxiety or lack of nutritional knowledge. Behavioral and emotional counseling plays a major role in our medical weight loss program. We’ll help you build healthy lifestyle habits that break through any barriers holding you back from the healthy mind and body you deserve.

weight loss management

Medical Weight Loss Clinic New Jersey

As specialists we believe that, weight loss is not just a medical treatment. To stop, it involves the patient’s mental well-being, behavioral state cognition, and emotional disturbances that often end up causing the patient to overeat and depression. We try to take your psychological and medical problems hand in hand which contribute to weight gain in collaboration. 

Our team of dieticians, and even psychosocial specialists strive to provide you with a seamless and smooth journey for weight loss that you can find nowhere else.

weight loss management

Gear up for your weight loss journey!

Losing pounds is now easier and handier. Join hands with Prime Health of New Jersey and present yourself with a new look. Our weight loss management programs will help you steal the show and leave everyone astonished!

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