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441 US 130,

East Windsor, NJ 08520

(609) 336-7518

09AM to 05PM EST

Welcome to Prime Health of New Jersey

A Weight Loss Method
That Actually Works for You

Are you tired of attempting diet after diet just to regain your weight? Our customized medical weight loss program in East Windsor provides long-term results.

Treatment Plans
Just For You

We evaluate your personal requirements and craft a medical weight loss plan based on your body’s needs.

Medically Supervised Semaglutide Treatment

We use cutting-edge weight loss medication, with guided in-office start and home continuity.

Ongoing Assistance
and Check-ins

We offer continuous monitoring, adjustments, and guidance for sustainable, long-term success.

About Medical Weight Loss

Our Comprehensive Medical Approach

Our medical weight loss is a comprehensive, medically supervised approach that combines safe, effective medications like Semaglutide, and GLP-1 for sustainable transformation.

Through our medical weight loss, we offer,

Personalized Plans
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Licensed Physicians
Cutting-Edge Semaglutide
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Who is an Ideal Candidate for Our Medical Weight Loss?

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Our Medical Weight Loss?

Those with Weight-Related Health Issues

Our program is ideal for individuals whose weight has contributed to or exacerbated conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and more.

Individuals Needing Personalized Guidance

If you've tried various diets and exercise regimens without sustainable results, our personalized approach identifies underlying factors and provides tailored solutions.

Seeking a Comprehensive Solution

Our services offer a holistic path for those dissatisfied with commercial programs or fad diets that lack medical supervision and lasting strategies.

Committed to Sustainable Change

Our program is designed for motivated individuals ready to embrace a lifelong transformation, guided by our experts for better weight loss success.


A Simple 4-Step Process to Enroll Our Program


Get Started

Fill out our online form to submit the necessary information.



Our experts will carefully analyze your assessment to design a tailored plan.



Meet one-on-one with your physician to review your personalized program.


Begin Transformation

With your customized plan, start your journey with our medical team’s full support.

Patients Testimonials

See what our patients say about Prime Health of New Jersey. 

Sarah M.

East Windsor

After years of struggling with my weight, the medical weight loss program at Prime Health of New Jersey finally helped me achieve long-lasting results. The personalized plan and support from the medical team made all the difference. I've dropped 45 pounds and kept it off!

Michael R.


This program changed my life. The combination of medication, nutrition counseling, and accountability truly works. I no longer feel dictated by desires and have a fresh perspective on healthy living.

Jessica T.


As someone with type 2 diabetes, I desperately needed to get my weight under control. The medical weight loss approach addressed my underlying health issues while helping me lose an incredible 72 pounds so far. I feel like a new person.

David L.

Hamilton Township

I've tried every fad diet out there with no lasting success until this program. Having the medical team's guidance and support system made the difference. I've lost 38 pounds and finally have control over my weight!

Erika Liem

Business Owner

My personal trainer doesn't just focus on physical fitness, but also emphasizes the importance of self-care and wellness. They have introduced me to meditation and other practices.

Jason Mark


I used to think that working out was a chore, but my personal trainer has completely changed my mindset. They make each session challenging, and I leave feeling accomplished.

Invest in Your Transformation

Our cash-based program starts at $219 per-month, making it an inexpensive and worthwhile investment in your health.


Asked Questions

Our medical weight loss program offers flexible pricing starting at $219 per month. Payment is due during your monthly office visits, and the cost depends on the medication dosage prescribed to you. If prescribed the medication, you will be charged only once per month.

The medication in our program is administered via weekly self-injections. However, you will need help to navigate this process. Our team of experts will provide comprehensive guidance and training to ensure you feel confident and comfortable with self-administering the injections.

While the injections are usually well tolerated, some common adverse effects include constipation, diarrhea, nausea, and decreased appetite. Our team will closely monitor your progress and provide strategies to manage potential side effects, ensuring your overall well-being remains a top priority.

Yes, the injections can be self-administered after receiving proper training from our experts. We understand the value of convenience and will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to successfully self-administer medication at home.

The length of our weight loss program varies according to your specific goals and success. Our method is tailored to your needs, and we will consult with you to decide the best length of therapy. Rest assured, our experts will be with you each stage of the way, tweaking the program when necessary to help you get long-term results.

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